6 Sexy Ways to Beat the Heat


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This summer is hot, hot, hot! And with the most scorching days of summer still ahead of us, it’s good to have a plan to stay out of the heat. “But how can I stay out of the heat and still have sexy times with my man?” you ask. Don’t worry! I’ve got some dating tips to help you stay chilled. I’ve come up with six super sexy cool-down activities that you can do with your beau.

1. Cold Shower for Two

Not TOO cold, obviously. Just enough to cool you down while you do naughty things to each other. You can leave it as simple as having some cuddles and kisses while the water hits your bodies, but if you feel like getting a little more dirty, try soaping each other up (get clean before you get dirty), giving each other some oral pleasure, and/or busting out those standing sex positions you’ve never gotten around to trying. For extra fun, if you have a detachable shower head, be sure to take turns giving each other some special attention with it.

2. Midnight Skinny Dipping

If you’re lucky enough to live in proximity to a body of water (or you’re brave enough to sneak into a pool) this is an excellent option! Swimming is already a great summer activity for cooling down, but having all your naughty bits exposed makes it all the more erotic. Jump right in, don’t test the waters. Get out, jump in again. Splash each other. Pull each other close. Float together as you kiss passionately. Tease each other under the water. And by all means, do the dirty if you’re comfortable with it!

3. Two Words: Ice Cubes

I’m sure I could leave this one up to your dirty little imaginations, but I’m going to give you suggestions anyway. Start by tracing ice along each others’ bodies – begin at the neck, working your way down. Don’t forget to hit all the sensitive and thin-skinned areas (wrists, inner elbow, nipples, behind the knees, and, obviously, genitals). You can also try placing an ice cube in your mouth as you’re blowing him, or give a tandem hand/blow job with ice in your hand. He can reciprocate by going down on you, alternating between using the ice and using his mouth. Melt an ice cube between your breasts so that they get cold and wet – now guide your man in between them while you squeeze them together around him. Continue to cool down post-sex by taking turns tracing ice across each others’ backs.

4. Ice Cream In Bed

What’s better than breakfast in bed? Yes, that’s right. Ice cream ice cream in bed! Grab a tub of your favorite flavor (I’m partial to something full of brownie or cookie dough chunks) and a couple of spoons and go to town! And while you’re out picking out ice cream, don’t forget to grab a selection of toppings that you can lick off of each other later. Chocolate syrup and whipped cream are both popular options.

5. Mid-Day Stroll Sans Panties

What’s more refreshing than feeling a cool breeze on your cooch? Put on a nice summer dress and suggest the two of you go on a little walk. Before you leave (when you man’s not looking) get rid of your underwear. At some point during the walk, let him in on your dirty little secret. You can be coy and simply let him know verbally, or if you’re feeling bold, find a somewhat secluded area and give him a smooch while guiding his hand between your legs. It’s up to you to decide where you’re going to take it from there. If you’re adventurous, let him pleasure you with his hand (or whatever other activity you can think of – there’s no wrong answer). If you’re a little more shy, then haul your horny little butts back home and try out #1. It’s almost impossible for this scenario to not to turn out sexy.

6. One-Contestant Wet T-Shirt Contest

You got a white t-shirt? You got a hose? You got someone to spray you down? Bam. Wet T-Shirt Contest. Even better, a wet t-shirt contest you can’t lose! (Unless your man thinks he can compete with you. But, I have faith that you’ll win). Just slap on the shirt, head outside, and let your man get you soaking wet and sexed up. For added outdoor water fun, grab a sprinkler you can frolic through, fill up some water balloons and toss them around, and/or fill a kiddie pool with nice cool water and plop down in it together.

So, don’t be afraid of the heat this summer. There are plenty of ways to keep cool while heating things up. And if you put your minds to it, I’m sure you could think of even more creative things to add to the list. Get out there and have some sexy summer fun.