A Fresh Start: Revamping Your Online Dating Profile


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If one has had a long dry spell on an online dating site one should consider what the cause is. Sometimes it just means one should take a break from dating and consider why all the people one meets seem to go wrong in the same way. Taking some time for self analysis is not a bad idea and there is nothing wrong with taking a break and then returning later to dating free search sites with a fresh mind and a better outlook on things.

But this is not always the only solution to refreshing one’s success on dating online personals. People who have success with dating find that they need to rewrite their profiles from time to time. Think about it like this: a commercial product which advertises on tv needs to change up their advertisments from time to time. We can all remember that cheesy local business which had the same commercial for 30 years until no one took it at all seriously. While this is clearly some exaggeration there is also something to be said for making things fresh and getting a new start.

One can start by saving one’s existing dating profile perhaps in a text document so that one has the data for later if one needs it to jog one’s memory. See if one can find a new way to describe and introduce oneself in the opening words of the profile. Avoid phrases like saying that one hates to talk about oneself or that one never knows what to say in these sorts of things. Statements like these are far too common and will never make one stand out. Show some pride in ones achievements and in the kind of life one has built and wants to live and one will be so much more attractive. Just like starting a garden new one has to clear out and begin again sometimes.