A Refresher Course In Dating


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From the minute you decided to join an online dating site, there is not enough relationship advice in the world that will ensure your success. But like they say, the more you know the better. Despite this dating guidebeing extremely cliche and overused, a refresher course always helps. With that said, I present you with some of my personal favorite tips for men who are single and ready to mingle.

Always Treat Your Girl The Same – If you tend to be extremely lovable with your significant-other behind closed doors but then proceed to give her the cold shoulder when your friends are around, she’ll be sure to notice. If that’s the case, stop to think about why you are behaving like this. Are you embarrassed of her? Not keen on showing some PDA? These are all crucial things to keep in mind. Once you’ve gotten that figured out, your next step is to sort out your behavior – even if that means breaking up with her.

Don’t Apologize Unless You Mean It – One of the things that women hate the most about typically male behavior is the superficial apology. While I completely understand that the ladies can be irrational and nag until we feel like climbing the wall, don’t apologize for something you didn’t do or when you don’t really mean it. Women have the uncanny ability to pick up on these things and will be sure to resent you for it.

Don’t Expect Her To Always Make The First Move – Many men think that when it comes to keeping in touch – via text message or phone calls – women should be the main providers. Sure, they tend to be far more clingy and dependent, but communication should always stem from both sides. If she notices that you always wait for her to make the first move, she’ll be sure to give you a hard time about it. And for a good reason.

Be A Man – One of the easiest ways to turn a woman off if by acting like a frat boy. Many men – regardless of their age – insist on being immature and acting like teenagers. Women will always favor a man who is mature and knows how to turn down the “playful” switch every once in awhile. You can be the most good-looking guy in the world, but acting like a boy won’t get you far.

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