Online Dating: How to Find a Successful Man


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When I conduct interviews, there are always things I look for when people walk in. First is their body language– Do they seem uncomfortable? Are the confident about their ability to fill this position? Then I take not of their appearance. Did they put effort into looking proper for the interview, or are they wearing something that looks as though they’ve had it on throughout the week? Anyone who has conducted interviews before can tell you that appearance is an important aspect to the first impression, but how often do we interrupt good appearance for being professional?

Putting too much thought into how someone looks on an  online dating site may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

It’s a part of human nature to gravitate towards people we are physically attracted to, but in the online world, you don’t have the chance to test out your chemistry with the person, so you base your decision on who has similar interests, and who is best looking.

In a study by MSNBC, people who usedfree dating sites were given 5 different pictures and 5 different descriptive words, including the word ‘successful.’ There were only 3 people who didn’t give the ‘successful’ title to the only man wearing a suit. Does that show us that we believe instinctively that better dressed men are more successful than others? Possibly. What we can solidly conclude from the study is that people, especially online daters, put a lot of weight on how someone looks.

When you’re looking through profiles, instead of basing your first opinion on their picture, base it on their profile. By asking them questions about their career, their schooling, and their lifestyle, you’ll be able to determine a person’s success level much better than you would simply by looking at a picture of them.

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