Are Too Many Mutual Interests Bad For Relationships?


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They say that opposites attract, and for good reason.
Experts at Oxford University are now saying that when you and your dating partner have too many interests, your relationship is more likely to go stale.
“When you like all the same things, you’re never thinking outside the box you’re used to. Your partner isn’t stimulating you like they should. When you date someone, you want to experience new things and learn different ways of life,” says Oxford professor Jane Walkup.
When you date someone new, a part of the excitement is getting to know their likes and dislikes. Having a partner who is into extreme sports can be thrilling when you’ve never tried them yourself, because it’s a whole new world for you to discover.
Although you may feel more comfortable and familiar if your dating find leads you towards someone who has the exact same likes and interests as you, that comfortable feeling quickly leads to boredom.
So how do you avoid that problem? You have to find a good medium between the two.
When you first start your dating search, try to find someone who you have enough in common with to uphold a conversation, but not too much so that you will have nothing new to talk about. Relationships are all about balance and experiencing new things, and although that takes a while to perfect, there’s no doubt that you’ll find it’s worth your time.

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