Are Your Expectations Too High?


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When people go on their first date with someone they found on a dating ¬†website, it’s often expected that sparks are going to fly. But enter the date with caution- just because you had chemistry online doesn’t mean you’ll be in love at first sight when you finally go out together.

When people start relationships through online dating sites, it’s very common that they start to feel a strong connection with the other person before they’re ever actually face-to-face. Since dating sites are designed to jump-start relationships, it’s easy to feel like you know a person merely through internet conversations.

When you have all of your conversations online, it’s up to you to interpret how their message should be perceived. They may be saying a simple, “It was nice speaking with you today,” and you can assume that means anything from a nice send-off, to a heart-felt confession. When you’re talking online, it’s easy to get infatuated quickly because you’re able to assume that everything the other person says is said with the most enthusiasm possible. Meeting them in real life can be a little off putting when you realize that this person you’ve assumed is Prince Charming is actually just a regular Joe.

When you go on your first date with someone, remember that everyone has first date jitters, and it takes longer for some than for others to warm up on a date, and they can probably sense the amount of pressure you’ve been putting on the date.

If you have any expectations going into a first date, then your expectations are too high! Go in with an open mind, a clean slate, and a willingness to go with the date, no matter how different it is than you expected.

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