How to Attract Attractive People


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This kid has the wrong idea.

I get a lot of questions about how to get the attention of good-looking people online. It’s important to remember that while involved in the dating experience, you should be striving to find someone you’re compatible with, not the prettiest of the bunch, but it is understandable that people would want to be physically stimulated by their partner.

The most important thing in attracting good looking people is to realize that they, like everyone else in online dating, are looking for a love connection. You should talk to them any differently than you would anyone else you approach online. Start conversations with them about their interests as apposed to the pictures they post. They’ll want to know that you’re interested in them for who they are, not for what they look like.

The biggest key to approaching attractive people is confidence. It’s easy to feel intimidated by someone you find good looking, and that’s very easy to come across in conversation, even if it’s in the digital world. You have to think of yourself as a person talking to another equal, not a person talking to a hottie. If you keep in mind that the person is attractive, you’ll end up nervous and self-concious in your conversation, which will hinder your ability to come across as a worthy date.

The best way to think of approaching a looker is to think about fans talking to celebrities. You can always see the uncomfortable look on a celebrities face when a star struck fan is talking to them. It’s much easier, and better, for them when the fan speaks to them as an equal, not as if they’re looking up to them on a pedestal.

Avoid being the star struck fan and be confident! It’s the most attractive feature you could have, and it will keep you at the same level as all of the good people you’ll be hitting on.

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