Avoid Being A Serial Online Dater


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There’s a few things you should always avoid when online dating. First, never date someone without a profile picture. You never know what they’re trying to hide. Second, never give out your credit card information. If someone is asking for that, it’s an instant red flag that they’re bad news. And third, don’t be a serial dater! It may not sound like it at first, but trust me, the last one on that list is just as bad as the first two.

Online dating, like anything else in this world, can become addictive for some people. The thrill of getting a new message and starting a new conversation is something anyone can want to experience more, which is why there’s a very thin line between using online dating and being addicted to online dating.

The first thing you should do is limit the amount of messages you send, and the amount you respond to. If you talk to everyone that shows the slightest bit of interest, then you’ll end up spreading yourself too thin missing out on good conversations. If you’re constantly messaging a ton of people, chances are you won’t get to have any quality talks with any of them.

You should also monitor the amount of time you spend thinking about online dating. It may sound weird, but thinking about it too much will be what opens the flood gates to using it too much. If you find yourself thinking about someone that messaged you, or who you’re going to message when you get to a computer, consciously change your train of thought to something more productive and something more important.

When you do get a date from all your time spent online dating, then concentrate on that! Don’t think about going home and messaging the next person. The reason you use free dating sites in the first place is to get a date, right? So enjoy it when you have one! Put your effort towards turning that date into a relationship. That way you’ll have exactly what you’ve been looking for, and you can spend the time you used to spend on dating websites on something more useful.

Online serial dating is easy to get caught up with, but ultimately it’s ineffective. Choose quality over quantity! Adding up the amount of people you talk to online does you no good; you need to find someone that is worth the time you’re putting in.

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