Beware Of Photoshoppers


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There’s a l0t of people on the internet who jump to conclusions, so I’d like to start off with a statement: Beauty is only skin deep! This blog isn’t to say that you should judge someone on free dating websites by their looks, because you absolutely shouldn’t, but people tend to trust others easier after they’ve seen them, and this is a warning that looks can be deceiving, especially if you’re seeing them online.

I have a lot of friends that use online dating, and they all think it’s great, but most of them make a common mistake: They all take pictures for face value. I have a close friend named Gina who was involved in talking to a man for about 8 months online. He would tell her stories about his trips to Fiji and Japan, share his experiences meeting Bono, and vent about how heartbreaking it was when his private helicopter crashed while he was on a business trip. When Gina started telling me all these great things about him, I was a little skeptical. This guy seemed too good to be true.

After expressing my concerns to Gina, her eyes opened to the fact that he may not be telling the truth, so she asked to see pictures from his life, saying it was to get to know him better. He replied the next day with pictures of everything: Him in of luxurious countries, with celebrities, in his helicopter, the works. And, no surprise, it made her like him even more. He was successful AND handsome? How could she not like him more?

The problem with trusting everything you see is that with today’s technology, it’s very easy to make something look like it happened when it’s never even been close. If you’re good with a computer, you’d be able to put yourself in Barak Obama’s chair if you wanted to. People can make themselves look like whoever or whatever they want to with Photoshop.

When Gina finally met him almost 11 months into talking to each other, she came to learn he was a computer graphics designer who has never left his hometown before, and spends his time creating photoshopped images of himself doing exciting things. She started to fall in love with a man who was completely made up!

If you’re going to get to know someone online, make sure you’re getting to know the real them, and not who they wish they were. You can’t always believe what you read online, but now you can’t always believe what you see, either. Make sure you know exactly who someone is before you invest time in starting an online relationship.

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