Can Your Downer Job Effect Your Dating Life?


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Let’s face it, if you’re not in the 1% of the world who are over paid and have the perfect jobs, then you’re probably not in love with your place of work. Among employees across the world, almost 85% say that they’re in a bad mood when they leave work. But can that bad mood follow you from work all the way to your online dating life? You better believe it!

Studies show that people who are unhappy with their careers are less likely to not only find a date, but to sustain a relationship if they’re lucky enough to have found one in the first place.

So what can you do if you’re not happy with your job, but you want to have a healthy dating life?

Release your stress before you log in.
Doing something to release your stress before you log into your dating site is crucial to    having a good experience online. You don’t want your negative feelings from the day following you around, so you need to release those bad thoughts before you talk to others! Exercise, meditate, or do whatever else relaxes you before signing on.

Don’t talk about your job to dating friends online
If you think negatively about your job, then you’re most likely going to say negative things about it. And if you’re saying negative things about your job (which you spend most of your time at), it’s going to come across to seem that you’re a negative person. Avoid that label and avoid your job all together!

Don’t think about online dating while at work
You don’t want to associate online dating (which should be a positive experience) with anything less than stellar in your life! By not thinking about it at work, you can separate the two things and insure that they’re never going to intertwine with one another.

You don’t have to love your job to be successful in love, you just have to know the difference between work time and play time!

Or quit! Worked great for his love life in Office Space 😉