Could Rom-Com Tactics Work In Real World Dating?


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There’s not a lady around who can honestly say she hasn’t fantasized about that “romantic comedy” love. So, can romcoms really offer men useful dating advice? Although these films are often depict an outlandish, exaggerated, theatrical version of relationships, there can be hidden dating advice gems among the embellishments. But how would these tactics work in real life?

You Wanna Get Out Of Here?

It’s 5 days before Christmas and you’re in Bloomingdale’s desperately trying to find a gift. You see a pair of very nice cashmere gloves just out of reach and make your move towards them. Someone’s hand reaches for them at the same moment. You look up: a gorgeous woman. You offer to let her have them. She extends to you the same offer. This goes back and forth until you finally suggest that she keep the gloves… in exchange for treating you to some coffee.

Would it work in real life dating?
If you find yourself in a situation where you have quickly uncovered physical attraction and rapport with a stranger, I don’t see why inviting them to join you in a non-threatening activity such as coffee wouldn’t work. Unless you’re misreading the situation, but if they say no, is it really all that bad? They’re a stranger, so you’ll probably never see them again anyway.

Clueless Romantic

You want her. She is a goddess among women. She’s also way out of your league. And you have no idea what to do. You need help. You enlist the help of a female companion to teach you the ways of her kind. Only problem is that somewhere along the way, you fall in love with them instead.

Would it work in real life dating?
It is completely coincidental that you would be trying to date one woman, and fall in love with another. I think the real dating tip you can take away from this is to keep your eyes open to those who are close to you. You never know where you’ll find love, and sometimes it’s a lot closer than you think it is.

Persistance Pays Off

Ask her out. Then ask her again. And again. Think of a more creative way to ask her out. Repeat until she says “yes”.

Would it work in real life dating?
Romantic comedies are the only place where no doesn’t mean no, and everyone’s okay with it. For the most part, I think this could all too quickly turn into a stalker type situation. Please, respect a woman’s right to reject.

A notable mention though, is that that is exactly how Robert Downey Jr. got his wife to go out with him. She turned him down three times before accepting his invitation for a date. So, I guess it does happen sometimes. Although it helps to be Robert Downey Jr.


Grand Romantic Concert

You want to catch the eye of that girl you’ve always loved. Or you’ve deeply hurt someone you love – you ruined that personalized gift she brought you, you accused her of marrying for money, she found out you were dating her for money, etc, etc, cliche, etc. There’s no answer to this situation… EXCEPT… yes, of course! A grand romantic gesture set to music.
See also: Heath Ledger singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” in 10 Things I Hate About You, Tom Cruise singing “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” in Top Gun, and even Jerry O’Connell singing “I Think I Love You” in Scream 2.

Would it work in real life dating?
The answer to this is two-tied: If you’re trying to get a girl to notice you, this might not be the way to go about it. Yes, she’ll know who you are, but without previous history with her, it will most likely come off as creepy, pathetic, or embarrassing.

However, if you’re using this dating tactic as a way to beg for forgiveness, holy Hell, I have to believe this would work in real life. I mean, it would still be incredibly embarrassing, but unless you killed my whole family or were a member of the KKK or something, I can’t imagine not forgiving you for whatever it was you did.

Race For Your Love

You let her slip away. Or you never told her how you felt. Now she’s almost gone! Maybe she’s on her way to the airport right now, leaving the country. Maybe she’s moments away from tying the knot. Run, run, RUN! Stop her from making the worst decision of her life!

(Yes, maybe I should have used the clip from The Graduate, but eff you I like Wayne’s World better.)

Would it work in real life dating?
Almost always, she is in this situation as a result of a major life decision. Probably one that she has already spent hours weighing the pros and cons of. More than anything, you would probably just be confusing her in a time of high stress. Most women are not going to leave their fiance at the alter just because you show up and cause a commotion. You’re just going to ruin their day.

Endearingly Awkward

You’ve loved her for years, getting close to them but never making the move. They talk to you, laugh at your jokes, but when you try to hint at your feelings, you jumble your words, or immediately regret saying what you did and cover it in an equally regrettable way.

Would it work in real life dating?
Of all the dating tactics discussed in this article, I feel that this most resembles a real life situation. Unfortunately, having a crush on someone and not doing anything about it is not really a useful tactic. Or even a tactic at all. Eventually you’re gonna have to make a  move or you’ll probably lose her. Chances are she’s not going to suddenly decide to run into your arms without having any idea how you feel. When boys come to your door sad and lonely and professing their love, it’s romantic. For example:


If she tried that… she’d probably fall in the “crazy” category. So, in the end.. most of the dating advice you’ll get from romantic comedies is not top notch, but all the actions come from the heart with the best intentions in mind.

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