Handling a Crazy Family


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Everyone has that one black sheep in the family that listens to Ozzy Osbourne while the rest of the group is watching The Partridge Family. But then you have those families that are full of black sheep. The families that are only ‘weird’ because they’re not what you’re used to, which can make them a little hard to handle sometimes. So what happens when you find out the guy you’ve been talking to on an online dating site is the white sheep in that group of black ones? How do you handle a crazy family?

The most important thing you have to do when meeting the new guys family is not to judge. What you consider normal may be extremely odd for them, so judging them will only result in you opening the door for them to judge you. Always meet the family with an open mind.

If the person you’re dating has openly talked about how his family is a little off the wall, find comfort in the fact that they raised him! If you get along so well with this person, the values and personality traits that he has comes from this family, so knowing they’re capable of producing something you like should put your mind at ease.

Once you’re with them, find a common ground. Picking out similar interests will make the conversation easier, and will allow you to ¬†look at them in a positive light, regardless of how ‘wild’ you’ve been braced to expect.

Crazy families are a dime a dozen, and you’re likely to run into a few during your dating career.Approach the situation delicately and remember to be nice, if all goes well they could be your family one day!