Date Ideas That Will Get You Laid


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Men go to great lengths to impress women. They spend tons of money, express their feelings, spend lots of time and energy etc.

And all of this energy is ultimately to get to one goal; SEX. There’s no denying it, there’s no telling me I’m wrong, because I’m not. The reason why guys seek out women, date women, and try to impress women, is so they can get them into bed.

Some guys want only the sex and they don’t want to try too hard to get it, so they go on sites like where all of the members are essentially looking to get laid, so the men don’t have to try as hard. But then again, they still have to pay for a membership, so they’re still putting in some sort of effort; it just comes a lot easier once the initial fee is paid.

Other guys like the challenge and instead of taking the easy road, they like the thrill of trying to get a woman to sleep with them. What they don’t realize, is that it’s not as easy as it seems (or as easy as the guys on adult dating sites have it).

In order to get a woman to sleep with you, you’re really going to have to “wow” her and you’re going to have to get her to want to have sex with you. You can easily do this by following these simple tricks and techniques.

Daring dates:

Forget about the old fashion, run of the mill date idea. Do something EXCITING. Get her all hot and bothered, show her an experience she will never forget, and then she will find some way to repay you.

Take her out dancing:

Women automatically associate dancing with sex. So, if you can show her your moves on the dance floor, she will instantly think of you in a sexual way. Try taking her to a Latin dance class; there is nothing sexier than Latin dance and she will instantly be sexually attracted to you. Even if you make a fool of yourself, she will think you’re adorable for even trying and putting in the effort, and she will feel compelled to give you some pity sex. 😉

Go to the Casino:

Get a little dressed up and take some risks; to women, there is nothing sexier. Hit up the roulette tables and the black jack tables and make it seem like you’re some big shooter. But, don’t take things too serious. You don’t want to make it seem like you have a gambling addiction. By the end of the night there will be so much excitement, she will want to jump your bones.

Go out for Tapas:

There is an undeniable connection between food and sex, but when you stick to tapas, things really start to heat up. You will sit really close together and the whole night will be about sharing. The dim lighting and candle light will make her feel so special and close to you, she will ask for dessert “to-go” so she an take you back to her place and have her dessert, if you know what I mean;-)


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