Dating In Your Inner Circle


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One of the most common mistakes when turning to online dating for the first time is sticking with your inner circle. Most people dip their toes in online flirtation with people associated with friends and family– siblings’ friends, friends’ siblings, etc– because they don’t have to worry about rejection by doing so. If they realize the conversation doesn’t go according to plan, they always have the defense of saying they just wanted to catch up or they heard them mentioned recently and wanted to say hello.

When you start conversing with people through a dating site search, you’re much more vulnerable to rejection, which makes it easy to get discouraged with online dating.

The problem with only reaching out to people you already know by association is that measures are hardly ever taken to ensure the ‘association’ wouldn’t mind. It’s a nice outcome if you reach out to your brothers best friend and find a date from it, but what would your brother think of the situation? When you start flirting with friends of friends, or friends of family, on the internet, you’re putting yourself in a position to make those close to you uncomfortable.

If you’re not ready to start using mainstream dating sites and want to test your online flirting skills through e-mail or Facebook, always make sure to get the go-ahead before hand. If you’re thinking about messaging your best friends brother, call your friend and let them know you’re going to reach out to him. That way if your friend has an issue with it, you’re able to stop an argument before it starts.

You always have to be aware of immediate problems this may cause (such as making someone uncomfortable), as well as long term problems. If you do end up hitting it off through Facebook and it does develop into a stronger relationship, how will this effect your friendship? And the relationship between your friend and your new love interest?

Dating in your inner circle can be dangerous, so watch out for red flags and always look at the situation objectively. Problems can be avoided as long as you intend to look out for them.

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