Deal Breakers 101


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Okay, so you’ve met someone online and you’ve been on a few dates. There is pretty good chemistry between the two of you and you really enjoy each others company. As time passes, things are starting to get a tad more serious and you are spending a couple days a week together and you’re really starting to like this person.

When we first start dating someone we start to notice those certain qualities and personality traits that we don’t necessarily agree with, but being is a relationship is all about compromise and sometimes we just have to turn a blind eye to things that might bug us or get under our skin. With that being said, there are some qualities and personality traits that are definite no-no’s when starting off in a relationship.

Here is a list of deal breakers:

He/she doesn’t back you up: Sometimes we get ourselves in sticky situations where we put our foot in our mouth or we say something that other people in the group don’t agree with. When your in a situation like this, the person you are dating should have your back. If he/she doesn’t have enough respect to back you up in front of friends, co-workers or family you might have a deal breaker on your hands.

He/She flirts with others: Some people are just naturally flirty, I get it. But, if he/she is flirting with someone right in front of you, and it’s intense flirting, that’s a definite no-no.

deal breaker-flirts

He/She neglects you in public: I’m not saying that he/she has to pay attention to you and only you when you’re out in public, but if he/she doesn’t even acknowledge you/introduce you, then that’s a sign of a deal breaker.

He/She lies: We all have our little white lies, but when the lying starts happening more often then not, that should be an automatic deal breaker. It doesn’t matter if the lie is about something small, it’s still a sign that lying is a quality of theirs.

He/She disappears without telling you: I understand that you haven’t been dating for that long and you don’t need to know their every move during a day, but, if he/she disappears for a week or so without telling you, texting you, or making a phone call, then something is up.

He/She is an alcoholic, drug addict, or both: This one is obvious, no explanation needed.

deal breaker-alcoholic

He/She cheats: Cheating is just a slap in the face. It’s disrespectful, it breaks trust, and it’s a deal breaker. Unless you’re in an open relationship, that is. 😉

What are your deal breakers?