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Ruining Your Chances Of Dating Success?


One of the biggest problems with online dating websites is that they come and go so quickly. It seems like every week on The Today Show, Matt Lauder is introducing us to the ‘best new dating site around.’ Sure they’re usually pretty good for a quick hook up, but your chances of finding a valuable match with a substantial dating partner is decreased by over 85% when you use a flavor of the week website.

Why is that? Because when you’re on websites that are simply a flash in the pan fad, the daters on there are looking for an easy fix to their love dilemmas; there are usually next to no serious daters on those sites.

Just like your relationships, your dating sites need stability. You need to know that you’re not going to put effort into a site only to see the registered users suddenly take a nosedive and realize that you’re the only one left. When you use dating sites that have been around the block a time or two, you know what you’re getting into. You can see the consistency of users and even read testimonies from people who found success there.

Don’t Invest In Trends

But even worse than the lack of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, you’re likely to wind up wasting your time. Setting up an attractive dating profile takes time and effort. It’s something that you have to continuously build on, and the end result is directly reflective of the effort you put into it. When you use a website that’s the ‘hot new thing,’ you’re investing time into something that won’t last. When the next hot dating site pops up, you’re going to be left having to start from scratch somewhere new.

Where To Start…

If you’re looking into starting your online dating journey, start it somewhere that’s going to last.

First you must figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Most people who jump online to find love do it because they have had a time meeting people in their day to day lives, so they¬† sign up for a dating site to find someone to potentially be in a relationship with.

Long Term Relationships

Like I said before, if you want to find a stable relationship, you must pick a stable site. Lavalife.com has been around since 1997 and has a great reputation (read my review of Lavalife here). They also have a high success rate and are internationally known.

Casual Dating

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for and you’re open to finding a serious relationship, a casual date, or maybe even a hookup, you want to join an established site that is known for setting up it’s members with all or any of those things. PassionSearch.com is a site that I was once a member on and it has a huge database of members who are looking for all types of things (read my review of PassionSearch here). When I was on this site about two years ago, I met a lot of men. While some of them were just looking for sex, there were also a lot who were looking for something serious and I met a couple of really great guys off this site. They have a good reputation and they’ve been around long enough to establish themselves as one of the top dating sites online.

Adult Dating & Hookups

If you want to get straight to the goods and you don’t want to waste time going on dates and getting to know people, you clearly should sign up for an adult dating site. There are many adult dating sites out there and often times they are a dime a dozen, therefore, you have to pick the right one. The first one that comes to mind is SexSearch.com. I’m recently featuring SexSearch as my site of the week because a great friend has signed up for the site and has nothing but great things to say about it (read my review of SexSearch here).

Sex Hookups & No Strings Attached Dating

If you want really adult dating and some real naughtiness then you probably want to join a sex hookup site. There are TONS of these floating around the internet, and they like to bank on lots of porn advertising and slack on providing an actual service – so you want to be pretty choosy. In this case, newer might actually be the better choice, as this model is being really revamped. One of my favorites that’s pretty legit is EasySex.com (Easy Sex review here). Have fun!

All in all, the lesson that should be learned here is: do your research. Don’t waste your valuable time by signing up for the flavor of the week website without doing any research. Online dating takes work and it costs money, so make sure you know about the site before you put in time and your hard earned cash!

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