Do Men Really Prefer Skinny?


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One of the biggest reasons behind my creation of WWW Dating Guide was to help online dating members better understand what they were getting themselves into. When it comes to looking for love on the web, it’s not just about creating the best profile and posting your sexiest shot. Uncovering the truth behind what men and women are actually looking for in a significant-other is just as crucial as knowing how to display your personality to its full potential. And as superficial as this may sound, the way you look ultimately plays a big part in what sot of person will be inclined to contact you. With that in mind, I decided to take a closer look into one of the most commonly asked questions regarding looks: is skinny really better?

Skinny vs. Fit – Despite most men claiming to like women who have some meat to their bodies, very few will be pleased with flabby bellies and cellulite. With that said, I quickly realized that men are not necessarily focused on fat vs. skinny. It all has to do with being fit. While many women can say they’re skinny, very few are actually trim and toned. And that’s exactly what men are looking for. Having a flat stomach and a firm butt and thighs will prove that you exercise and take care of your body. That, is the ultimate tool of attraction, not just being a size zero.

Confidence – While a lot of women are prone to discarding the advice that confidence speaks louder than a banging body, this is still a well-known fact. Regardless of your size, being comfortable and proud of your shape will make any man look twice. However, a woman who is packing a few extra pounds will be that much more inclined to be displeased with her body and will therefore come across as being a lot less secure. Thought that’s not to say that all skinny women are extra confident.

Blame It On Plastic Surgery – Back in the 50’s and 60’s the ideal woman’s measurements was thought to be somewhere along the lines of 36-26-36. Today, it has gone down by two inches and lies around 34-24-34. May claim that it has something to do with the increase in plastic surgery. After all, a slender woman can still hold her small stature and proudly showcase her double-D breasts. While it’s certainly not natural, it’s becoming a lot more acceptable.

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