Do Religious Sites Narrow Down Your Search Too Much?


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t gives you something instantly in common. Similar morals, values, beliefs, the works. But are religious dating sites the best place for online dating? Maybe not.

In a recent study by UCLA, religious sites have only 6% the amount of people as open dating sites do, and a whopping 34% of those people on open dating sites have strong religious values and are looking to find someone that shares their same views.

So what does that mean? Even in free dating sites that aren’t targeted towards religious groups, they still have 28% more religious users than sites that are strictly for one religion.

This isn’t to say that religious dating sites aren’t good. There’s a lot of religious sites that have great success rates, but it does make your task at finding someone a little more difficult since you’re narrowing the field by a significant amount.

Besides making your fishing pond smaller, you’re also eliminating anyone that isn’t in your religion. It’s great to want to date someone with the same beliefs as you, but you should never cut off someone from getting to know them just because their values aren’t strong enough to only pick a dating site based only on it’s affiliations. The great thing about general dating websites is that you get to meet people from all different views, which stimulates interesting conversation and pushes people to think outside the box they find themselves in.

The same study from UCLA also shows that people that have no to a medium interest in religion (aka the people that only go to church on religious holidays) are almost 90% open to the idea of someone who is a dedicated religious believer, compared to the extremely religious people who joined in the study who are only 13% likely to date someone who has no to medium interest in religion. So what do these numbers say? By the looks of things, people who are very religious really only want to date other people who are very religious for the most part. With that mind frame, then yes, religious dating sites are great for the religious.

In my personal opinion, I think everyone should have an equal chance at finding love online regardless of if you pray at night or not. A lot of people are online trying to find love because they have recently gone through a divorce or are recently widowed. If you have a broader search range, then it’s more likely you will find someone who can relate to your situation and can help you through it. Keep in mind all the reasons to date someone (similar interests, hobbies, lifestyles, etc), not just one. When it comes to religious dating sites, to each his own. If that’s extremely important to you, then there’s great sites for it. If not, then keep your mind open and enjoy the different opinions that are out there to explore.

There are a lot online dating sites that are targeted specifically towards religious groups and organizations. Places like JDate and ChristiansDating are good examples of dating websites that set you up with others that are of the same religion, and of the same place in their religion. For example, they set extremely Jewish people up with other extremely Jewish people, and they group Christians who are only slightly religious together with other Christians who are only slightly religious. It’s great to keep yourself surrounded with people who have the same religious values as yourself, but are you hindering your own love life by using a religious dating site?

Studies prove that although people are generally happier with the religious compatibility of the people their matched with, but they have on average 85% less successful relationships made a year than mainstream dating sites. Why the difference in numbers? Because dating sites that are targeted towards a specific group of people, like religious groups, have a smaller target audience. What does that mean for you as the dater? Well, the smaller the pool is to fish from, the less of a chance you have to find someone you’re actually compatible with.

Think of it has having 5 rotten apples. If you were asked which one you would like to eat, you would choose the less-rotten of the 5. Not to say that religious dating sites are full of rotten apples, but if they’re all incompatible with you, then you’re going to end up picking the one who is least incompatible with you, instead of dating someone who you’re actually a good fit with.

Because there are so many people to choose from in regular online dating sites, you have a good chance at dozens of ‘apples’ that are perfectly compatible with your lifestyle.

There is nothing wrong with religious dating sites, but regular dating sites not only have more people, they also have people who are just as religious as those on religious-specific websites. The choice is yours, but be smart about it!

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