Do Your Favorite Shows Influence Your Love Life?


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It’s estimated that North Americans watch at least 6 hours of TV a day. Once you take into account how much you sleep and how much you work, there isn’t much room left for romance if you’re watching that much TV. But, regardless of if we should be watching that much or not, we do, and everything we watch on TV directly influences our love lives.

Television shows seem like something to fill our time, but they do more than that– The fill our minds with the themes and tones of the show, and because we’re exposed to them so often, we subconsciously absorb the shows and translate them to our dating habits.

If you were unaware until now what TV can do to your love life, it’s a good idea to take some time to analyze your favorite shows and discover what they could be telling you about dating. If you’re spending your time watching Jeopardy, you’re probably going to be getting no action!

Here’s what NYU says some of today’s most popular shows do to peoples love lives:

Teen Mom- Most likely to make you want to be more sexually active.
Regardless of the fact that they never actually show sex scenes on Teen Mom, NYU experts say that you’re more likely to have a heightened libido simply because there are infants around. Seeing people play the mother role with their children makes people relate that thought with them being conceived. When you think about sex, you’re more likely to go out and seek it!

Jersey Shore- Couples with the highest domestic dispute rates.
Personally, I thought Jersey Shore would make you more prone to drinking, but as it turns out you’re more likely to get in an argument with your boyfriend, girlfriend or online dating partner if you watch Jersey Shore. Seeing the cast members ¬† ¬†solve their problems through arguments and violence puts the idea in peoples heads that it’s an acceptable way to settle a dispute, and sine it’s easier than rationally talking through the situation, it’s often that people resort to doing it.

Dexter- Most likely to have a healthy relationship.
What did you think I was going to say, most likely to murder someone? Because there’s so much critical thinking involved in watching shows like Dexter, Lost or Law and Order, your mind gets used to thinking through problems and plot twists, which helps with your rational thinking in your relationship. The reason Dexter has a leg up on the other shows is because it also lets you see someone release their anger– a form of anger release yourself. You don’t need to go out and smash something when you’re angry, because seeing someone else do it diminishes that urge for you.

But what shows should you watch for the happiest relationship? Comedies! the NYU study shows that couples who watch comedies are more likely to look at their relationship in a positive way, which leads to an overall happier relationship.

Next time you turn the TV on, beware of what you’re watching! It could make the difference between a great relationship and, well, Jersey Shore.