Don’t Let Google Ruin Your Online Dating Life


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For most people, Google is the answer to all questions. You don’t know how to cook a turkey properly, you want to know what the last movie Heath Ledger was in, you want to find a sale on golf clubs this weekend… You can find anything and everything through Google. Including much more personal content than most people are comfortable with.

Google can be a dark cloud on your otherwise clear dating day. Why? Well, one simple search of your name can show any number of things. Pictures with old boyfriends, information about old jobs, what you did on the weekend, more or less anything you want to find out about somebody, you can find online.

How can this ruin your online dating life? One of the greatest assets of online dating is that you can control what people know about you. If you don’t want to give them privileged information about something, you can obtain it from them. But once they have your name, a small Google search can share all your dirty laundry that you didn’t want them to know. Depending on what they find, it may defer them from meeting you in real life, or even stop them from continuing the online relationship all together.

The good news is that you can prevent someone from finding this information. A majority of the time the information you can find about yourself from Google is rooted from your social media sites. Google yourself and see what you can find, then click on the source to see where it’s coming from. If the pictures or content is stemming from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or any other Social Media account, a simple change to your security settings will prevent it from showing up on search engines.

If you find information that doesn’t connect to your social media accounts, you can still go to the source and contact the server to request they take the information down. If it’s for personal safety, people almost always agree to do so.

By Googling yourself before hand to see what kind of information people can gather about you, you’ll have a better idea of how cautious you need to be while on free datingsites. Save your internet love life before it goes bad and start Googling!