Double Website Dating


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Good idea or bad idea? Now I’m not talking about going on a date with another couple; I’m talking about using two internet dating sites at once. If you’re going to try to balance more than one online dating website at the same time, then you’re cooking a recipe for spreading yourself too thin.

When you’re on several dating sites at the same time, then you’re not going to be active enough on any of them. A great part about internet dating is that you can see how often someone signs in, how long they stay logged in for, and what their activity is when they’re online. People often jump to the assumption that if a user isn’t online often, then they’re not as serious about finding someone to be with. When you have more than one account to tend to, then chances are you spend a good chunk of time on dating sites. This time and effort is wasted as users on each site will only get to see when you’re online on their site. Sticking to one website lets people take notice of how active you are on their online community.

On top one website being beneficial for others to see, it’s also beneficial for you, because it will allow you to concentrate on users for that specific website. It’s hard enough to browse through a majority of profiles when you spend all your time on one website, but when you start looking around to other sites, you’re putting yourself at risk to miss a LOT of good profiles. Sticking to one will let you concentrate on browsing as many profiles on one specific as you want.

If you have a website that you enjoy using, then why bother with another? Use it to it’s fullest potential and work at finding someone on that site until you have success. If there’s a reason you’re attracted to it, chances are there’s a reason someone you would be interested in dating would be attracted to it as well. And if you’re simply not having any success with it, then move on to the next site! If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, don’t bother staying with that site while you begin a new one. Drop it all together and start fresh!

Bottom line, you shouldn’t waste your time with more than one website. If it’s not working for you, then it’s not working for you and you should find one that is. There’s millions of dating websites out there for you to use, so find one that you enjoy and start your search for love!