Emoticons: Stop It, You’re Not 16.


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There’s many surprising things in the online dating world that are acceptable. Sending people naked pictures of yourself, discussing in length about what to name your next cat, talking about intimate details about your sex lives with people you’ve only just started talking to… But then there’s some surprising things that aren’t acceptable anymore, and that includes emoticons.

When you were 16 and writing a flirty IM for the first time, you could add 16 smiley faces at the end of it and with every smiley face, you’d just get that much cuter. But in the adult online world, smiley faces are a great indication that you can’t express what you’re feeling with words, and any woman can tell you that’s a BIG red flag.

Despite indicating that you’re not a well-rounded communicator, it also sends off vibes that you’re still stuck on the immature side. When ending a conversation, the simple change between “Well Bethany, I had a wonderful time speaking with you today,” and “Well Bethany, I had a wonderful time speaking with you today 😀 :) !!!!” makes a world of difference. One says sophistication, and one screams juvenile at the top of it’s lungs.

If you’re looking to be dating someone of class, you probably don’t want them ending each sentence with winkey faces, either. When you write in proper form, you’re inviting the people you’re speaking with to do the same. When talking to someone online keep your grammar proper, the conversation light, and emoticons out of it completely.

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