Ending Your Online Relationship


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Whether it’s someone you’ve spent every day with for the past six years, someone you’ve only gone out with a few times, or, in this case, someone who you have never met before– ending a relationship is hard.

People seem to think that being the dumpee is the worst feeling you can have, but what about the dumper? No one wants to be the person to hurt someone they’ve either cared or care for. When it comes to online dating, how do you do the break-up?

First, asses why you don’t want to talk with them online anymore. Did you meet someone else? Do you want a relationship in reality and they only want to stay online? Is time going but there’s still no real connection? You have to know why you don’t want this anymore before you can explain it to them. And please, make sure you actually do explain it to them! The worst thing you can do to someone you were dating on the internet is to simply cut ties. It leaves them wondering why and what happened to you. People need closure, regardless of if you were serious with each other or not.

When you do explain to them what happened, be as honest as you can without hurting their feelings. If it’s because they got too serious too fast, or they weren’t serious enough, or whatever, let them know the truth so they can work on those flaws for when they’re ready to try again.

Let them down gently by encouraging them to continue online dating. You should know from experience that it’s a great method of communication and it’s an easy place to find success in love. When people get dumped online, it makes them feel how they do when getting dumped in the real world, and people often lose the drive to continue doing it when they feel rejected. Let them know as nicely as possible that although you weren’t on the same page, you genuinely believe that they’ll have success online with someone else.

A lot of this is coming from experience. I’ve ended things online with women before, but I’ve also been the one to have the door close on me. When I didn’t get that proper send off, it really took me down a peg. I started thinking that online dating was just like dating in the real world, and I was going to have the same crappy luck with it, but that wasn’t the case. When I finally worked up the courage to get back into it, I got all my enthusiastic back almost instantly after remember how fun and easy it was.

The bottom line is if you’re going to end your online relationship, make sure you’re not ruining anyone in the process.You don’t want to taint their whole virtual experience just because you’re done with them, do you? Of course not. Get your point across by being light and gentle in the conversation so you can move up and she can move on.

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