Exchanging Gifts This Holiday Season


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When it comes to exchanging presents with someone you’re dating, how do you know the difference between soon and too soon? It’s all about instincts, my friends– If you think it’s too soon, there’s a good chance it’s too soon.

As a general rule of thumb for gift-giving, any relationship under 3 months should be nothing more than a small gesture to let the person know you’ve actually listened to what you’ve said. If they’ve mentioned they need to ween themselves off of Starbucks to save their wallet, a bag of coffee to make at home would be a great gift. If they’ve said how badly they want a pearl necklace from Tiffany’s, frame a picture of one with a card telling them to never give up on their dreams. It’s a funny, flirty and light way to let them know they mean something to you without scaring them away.

If one of your first few dates just so happens to fall around the holiday season, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating it regardless! Don’t know them yet? Everyone loves holiday treats– Try giving them a bouquet of candy canes instead of flowers. Think you’re ready for a first kiss? Wrap up a box with mistletoe in it for a cute way to signal that you want a smooch. Think you’ll last longer than a week? Give them an advent calendar and tell them to only eat a candy on day you have a date.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate by giving gifts without scaring them off or breaking the bank. Get creative and keep it light!

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