Feel Better Naked


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The problem with getting naked in front of someone is that you actually have to get naked in front of them. It’s intimidating stripping down for the first time with a person you just started dating, but when you’re not pleased about the way you look, it makes it just that much tougher.

So when you run from the shower to your bedroom just to avoid the mirror, how do you confidently take it off for the ¬†online dating friend that you’ve finally taken home? Here’s some tips:

Drink a lot of water. Water is the oldest trick in the beauty book. Not only does it promote your body to lose weight, but it gives your skin a healthy, rich glow. If you can’t hide behind your clothes, you can still hide behind beautiful skin.

Paint your nails. A lot of women find distractions in small imperfections they find about themselves during sex. When you’ve taken off the last of the material, all you’ve got left is your body and your ‘details’ to nitpick at. Having chipped nails is just one extra thing to stress over, so get a manicure and rid the problem before it starts.

Do your hair the way you like it best. Alec Baldwin’s character on 30 Rock is my favorite person in the world, mostly because he refers to things like hair as “Head Suits”. Maybe only someone like Jack Donaghy would put that much though into hair, but he’s a smart man for doing it. Whoever your having sex with will have a full view of your main the entire time, so you might as well feel good about what he sees.

Scrub up and shave off! Nothing kills the mood faster than a foul odor or prickly legs. Before you get to bed, take the time to smell good and feel smooth. It’ll give you that extra confidence booster when he starts to get close.

Take a trip to Victoria’s Secret before hand. If you’re that uncomfortable with being naked, then don’t be naked! Just because you’re stripping down, doesn’t mean it has to be to the skin. Buy yourself a baby-doll or a sexy lace bra to keep on while you’re going at it. It’ll keep you confident and there’s no way he’ll be complaining about the sight!

You can do all the prep work in the world, but confidence comes from internal things, not external. Remember that whoever you’re with wants to sleep with you, or he wouldn’t be there! Do a little prep work to put yourself at ease and enjoy getting laid!

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