First Date Conversation Starters For The Dull


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Nobody likes having to deal with an awkward situation – and matters get worse when it happens in the middle of a date. With so many expectations surrounding the whole ordeal, it can often be hard to come up with things to say. Or, we can wind up saying something stupid out of sheer desperation. Both unfavorable position to be in. So how does one go about ensuring a productive, flowing conversation? Below, we have highlighted a series of conversation starters that will sure ensure your date is more thrilling than stiff.

1. Pets – Who doesn’t love to talk about animals? Even if your date is not an animal lover per se, discussing wild life or that latest African documentary will provide you with plenty of discussion. Just remember not to get too carried away when talking about your pets – you don’t want to come across looking like a crazy cat lady.

2. Goals & Ambitions – Instead of dwelling on the past and running the risk of bringing up your past flings, try sharing some of your future goals and ambitions. This will give you a great insight into what you should expect out of a relationship with that person – and will give you better judgement as to how compatible you really are.

3. Travel – Yet another popular subject of choice, discussing your travels is always a great way to break the ice. If your date has visited the same countries, you’ll be bound to share your experiences for hours. And if they have yet to visit said destination, they’ll want to ask you all about it. Just try not to make it your only topic of conversation for the night. Too much of anything can turn into a bore.

4. A Few Of Your Favorite Things – Another way of determining your compatibility is by looking for common points between you and your date. Make a point of asking them about their favorite movies, books, actors and whatever else you can think of. But remember, leave some room open for discussion and avoid turning it into something of a job interview. Your date will be less than impressed.

5. Hobbies – What better way to determine whether or not you’ll be able to co-exist with your date than by asking them about their hobbies? More often than not, our hobbies make up for a large chunk of our free time; time that would also be allocated towards our significant others.

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