First Date Conversations


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Finding someone through online dating to go on a date with is only step one of the relationship battle. When you’ve made plans to go out with someone you met online, the conversation may be hard to uphold. If you two had great internet chemistry, there’s a lot of pressure to transfer that to reality.

The first date sets the tone for the next conversation to come, so you want to start off strong and confident. When it’s time to meet them in person, there’s topics you can discuss to make sure the conversation flows naturally.

Do you have any siblings? This is a safe question because there’s often little sting that can come along with it. If they do have siblings, it opens the door for you to ask follow up questions. Are they the oldest? What do their siblings do for a living? Do they get to see them often? If they don’t have any, you can start conversations about that. When I was in the dating world and someone asked if I had any brothers, I’d tell them the truth: No, but if I did I’m sure I would have a much better baseball pitch than I do now! It opens the door for many other conversations.

Do you know any other languages? If you’re in a foreign culinary restaurant, like Italian food or Chinese food, mention how you wish you knew their language, and ask if they know it. If they say yes, or that they know another one, you can ask follow up questions like when did they learn it and why. Was it simply interest? Do their parents speak it? If they do, are they native to that country? A simple question about language can open a world of other questions.

Don’t talk about their ex’s! This is the only ‘don’t’ of the list. There’s no need to bring up failed relationships when you’re trying to start a new one. This will come across as nosey, and if you start talking about people you were dating in the past, it will seem like you have yet to let go.

Do you have future career plans? Asking this will allow them to talk about their current job, what they do and don’t like about it, and where they see themselves in the future. Not only will it give you an idea about how passionate they are about what they do, but it will let you see if the two of you are going to be compatible down the road.

Have you traveled anywhere? People are passionate about where they go, and what they do while they’re there. No matter if they had a great time or a terrible time, they’re going to want to share their experiences with other people. Ask questions about the culture of where they went and how they enjoyed the difference. If they haven’t been anywhere, ask about where they would like to go, and why they haven’t been yet.

Other topics like asking about friends, hobbies and even the kind of cars they prefer to drive can open the door to great conversations! If you stay positive, you’ll have no time keeping the conversation going.

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