Get Naked And Say Cheese!


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Let’s face it, half of people like online dating because it’s an easy way to see some boobs. Alright, I may be estimating a bit with the ‘half’, but everybody likes to see a little skin! So when someone you’ve been chatting with on that free dating site asks you to strip down and send a picture, what are you to do?

This is the advice I always give my friends: Imagine you sent out the picture and it went viral. Covers of newspapers, sent to your parents, posted on your boss’s Facebook wall. How’s that going to make you feel? Some people are now so desensitized to nudity because of mainstream media that it wouldn’t effect them at all. So what if your parents saw a picture of your boobs. It’s nothing they haven’t seen before! If that’s the case, then go ahead, send away!

But make sure you’re never pressured into it. If someone asks you and your initial instinct is to say no, then don’t feel bad about saying no. If someone starts giving you reasons to do it or trying to persuade you by saying that it will strengthen your online relationship, then he doesn’t have your best interests at heart and you should just end it where it is. You should never have to do something you don’t want to do in the real world, so why would the rules be different in the online world?

If you do think that it will do good things for you but you don’t want it out there, then take a general, neck down photo. You can always give him a peek at the goods without having any recognizable traits in the picture. If you have tattoos or a distinctive body part, crop them and your face out, so it’ll make you comfortable and keep him happy.

When he asks you and your first thought is a big fat ‘YES!’, then feel free to go all out! Put on some lingerie, light a few candles, and dim the lights before giving the camera you best sex face. This is your chance to channel your inner Playboy, so give it a good go!

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