Dating Advice: Get Over Yourself


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The best advice anyone ever gave me in regards to online dating is get over yourself.

It’s easy to let your ego get in the way when you’re trying to find love. Most people expect it to come to them like it’s a right they deserve, but the truth is, love is something you have to work for. If you’ve gone through an exceptionally long dry spell, you need to start exploring other alternatives to meet new singles. And the best place to start? Online!

It’s hard to start your online dating journey because you first have to admit to yourself that you need help finding someone. This is where getting over yourself comes into play. If you let your ego stand in between you and trying online dating, then you’re going to miss out on all the potential matches that you could find online. Sure you’d get to hold on to that all-important pride, but you’re going to be celebrating it alone.

There is no shame in using an Internet dating site. The facts prove that by 2015, over half of the work with access to the internet are going to have used an online dating site to look for love. 2011 has already proven to be the year with the most people ever registered to use online dating sites, and the most active users to have found matches through it in history.

If you think you’re above online dating, take my advice: Get over yourself!