Getting Rid Of The Ghost Of Your Ex


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Unfortunately getting rid of your ex isn’t this easy…

It happens to all of us– when a relationship we’re in dies, we’re haunted by the ghost of love lost. And, if you’ve ever seen Ghostbusters, you know it’s not as easy as you’d hope to get rid of it. If you’re being followed by the lingering fear of old feelings while you’re trying to start a new relationship online, it’s time to do some cleanse your life of the past.

If you’re already back on online dating sites, then you’ve done the hardest part in realizing it’s time to move on. When people are grieving a relationship, they often treat it like a death. Spending their time only thinking of the positive things that came along with it and wiping the slate clean when it comes to the bad.

The best thing you can do to get rid of the ghosts of past relationships is to make the pro-con list. Instead of looking at it as a reminder of the relationship, use it as motivation to move forward. Make the cons as detailed as possible, using examples that happened between the two of you, so you’re able to see that your breakup truly was justified. Break ups happen for a reason, and it’s important to keep that in mind. As for the pros, don’t see them as things that you had with that specific boyfriend, but as things you want to find in the people you’ll be dating in the future. It’s great to have a list of goals that you want to achieve, and same goes with your relationships. If you know what you liked with people in the past, you should look for those qualities in the people you court in the future.

Cleansing your past is the only way to enjoy your present, so get rid of the ghosts of boyfriends past and start enjoying the opportunities you have now.