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4 weeks ago:

I was researching the newest and hottest dating methods out there and I came across a site called “Grouper“. I went to their site and came to find out that it is a dating service that “sets up drinks between two groups of friends. 3 guys and 3 girls”. My initial reaction was “GENIUS!” and I immediately “applied for a membership”. After having to give all my Facebook credentials, I texted the two girlfriends I knew would be down and told them to expect an email from me regarding a date WE ARE ALL going on, together. I answered some questions about myself regarding what age group I’m interested in, what topics of conversation are stimulating to me, and over all a little bit about my personality and what I was looking for in a group of Grouper dudes. I then sent off the standardized emails to my two girlfriends asking them to “join me” on the date and I was all done the application process.

I was then told I would be notified if I was accepted as a member within the next two weeks, then once I was accepted, I would get set up on a date.

3 Weeks ago:

I was finally accepted to Grouper via email. Two days after that I got another email asking me to choose the date that best suits me and my girlfriends to go on the Grouper date. I confided with my girls and chose the day. I was told I would know nothing about the location and time of the date until the day before, and that I would no ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the guys until I got to the date. AWESOME! So I thought…

The day of the date:

Me and my girls met up at my apartment before hand to gossip, chug wine, and make predictions about the night. We were all going into it with no expectations, but we definitely didn’t expect what actually was about to happen. We arrived at the bar right on time and the hostess brought us over to the table. There were three guys sitting there. We sat across from them and everyone did their introductions. The first guy was a 22 year old record shop worker (we are all 26), the second guy…well let’s just say the second guy was a “character”,  and the third guy was gay. YUP, YOU HEARD ME, GAY! How did I know he was gay you ask? You just KNOW when someone is gay, and this guy was gay, no doubt about it. BUT WAIT, that’s not all. As we got to talking, the gay guy revealed that the only reason why he was on the date was to WRITE A STORY FOR A LOCAL PAPER ABOUT DATING and that the article would come out on Valentine’s Day. Me and my girls busted out laughing, ordered another glass of wine, and shook our heads. We got hooked up with a gay journalist who was writing a story about dating. HILARIOUS!

The end of the date:

We ended up having a good time, despite the fact that there was absolutely no love connection. We joined forces with another “grouper” date that was also in the same bar because it was clear both groups were bored and just wanted to party and get drunk at that point in the night. To be honest, I could have saved myself $20.00 (the price Grouper charges per person) and went out with just my girls and had just as good of a time.

All in all, we felt pretty pissed off about the whole thing, but on the upside, it was a hilarious experience.

Would I do it again? NO! I have enough friends and do not need anymore. I need a BOYFRIEND Grouper! Get it together!

Would I suggest it to a friend? SURE! If you’re looking for something to do because you’re bored with your life and you want to meet some new people, do it up!


My advice:

If you are looking to date or hookup, stick to regular old online dating. Try, or (if you’re looking for sex). If you’re looking for a drunken night out with strangers that you could possibly become friends with/date, try Grouper.

Oh, and if you want to read the article the journalist wrote about our date, here ya go!

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Kristen Black