Have An Online Affair Without Getting Caught – Pt.2


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So, now that you know how to keep your affair discreet by getting online, using a personal credit card, and erasing browser and phone history, you’re ready to take it offline and it’s time to meet in person.

You should essentially set up a meeting during your second or third conversation. You don’t want to drag things out. Women who are on an adult dating website are there for one reason, to meet guys that they can have a sexual relationship with. They essentially don’t really care much about you. Sure they want to make sure you have no STI’s and that your not a murdered or a freak, but other than that, they want to get frisky with you, and that’s it.

The thing that you have to keep in mind is the fact that attractive women on adult dating sites like SexSearch.com or EasySex.com (check out the EasySex review) are constantly bombarded with messages from guys, that’s why you have to stand out from the rest.

You can do this by:

  • Getting her to trust you right away.
  • Show her that you’re confident (that’s attractive to women).
  • Ask her out on the second or third conversation so it not only shows that you want to “get to know her” a bit, but that you always want to hookup with her.

Instead of being a horny creep, try saying on the second or third conversation”I really enjoy talking with you. We should bring this offline. How’s drinks tomorrow night?” She will not only love your confidence, but she will be glad to finally meet you in person.

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, you are meeting someone from an adult dating site, so clearly she has intention of having sex, but that doesn’t mean she is going to do it with you on the first date. You still need to put in a little more effort, because she is a woman after all.


  • show up to the date looking like a slob
  • bring her to a hole in the wall bar
  • be cheap
  • be rude


  • compliment her
  • get her a bit buzzed (2-3 drinks)

After you’re there for a couple drinks, use your judgement and decide if she is interested in having sex or not. You can tell this by her body language, whether she is flirting, and if she is smiling.

If she seems interested, ask you to bring the drinking from the bar to the hotel. If she agrees, you will be having sex in a hotel room in NO TIME.

(remember don’t use a shared credit card when buying drinks at the bar or the hotel room)

The rest is up to you…

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