Is Lack Of Sex Affecting Your Online Dating Success?


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It seems like a vicious circle. You don’t get laid enough because you don’t get any dates online, but now studies show that you might not be getting those dates online because you’re not getting laid enough.

The University of Toronto is doing a Human Sexuality study to find out why some people are less likely to get a date through online dating, and so far their studies have all pointed to one culprit: Lack of sex.

The study shows that people who get more sex than others on the site are more likely to attract attention from others because they’re more comfortable and relaxed in their social lives. When people get an increase of the endorphins you get during sex, they become more positive people in every aspects of their lives, which attracts others, even online.

When you’re in the middle of looking for someone to date but you’re one of the unlucky ones not to be getting some action between the sheets, what can you do to boost that libido and start attracting attention again?

Well when alone, you sometimes have to do the job of two people all by yourself! Just because you don’t have someone to sleep with right away doesn’t mean you can’t have that same pleasurable experience by yourself. Find a way that works for you to increase your endorphins, and you’re likely to see an increase in the online attention you’ve been gaining.

If self-pleasure isn’t something that interests you, it’s not the only thing you can do! Certain exercises and foods can release those same endorphins, and with a quick Google search you’ll have a list of things you can do to heighten your mood.

Attract the attention that is going to get you the dates you desire. Boosting your mood may be the difference between no date and a great date!

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