How Not To Argue Online


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I need to start by saying that if you’re already arguing with the person you met while online dating, then turn around! Run as fast as you can! Shut down that computer and never look back! Sure it’s natural for people to have small arguments in relationships, but if you’re just starting your courtship and you’re only online? And fighting already? No way, Jose! Get out of there stat!

With that being said, if you do find yourself in an argument online, there are ways to handle it. Remember, this is someone you have interest in dating, so you don’t want to ruin a good thing before it truly gets a chance to start. If you have to fight, fight clean and fight fair.

In an attempt to familiarize you with what you shouldn’t be doing while arguing online, here’s my list of things NOT to do:

Say everything of the top of your head, and don’t pause before you type. “I want to tell her about all the times I said I didn’t get her message when really I did and wanted to watch Survivor instead of messaging her, because quite frankly I like Boston Rob better than her.” Well sailor, let her know! Girls hate knowing you have mundane things that you consider to be higher priorities than them. Type that stuff out before you change your mind!!!

Use anything they’ve ever told you against them. Remember that time when you first started chatting and she confessed that she cheated on her last boyfriend, but felt terrible about it and ended up coming clean the next day? Well screw that! She still cheated on him, didn’t she! Tear her a new one for it! Women like that deserve it.

Bring up the fact that they’re on online dating sites because no one in the real world will date them. Are they kind of on the ugly side? Spend too much time on their job? Have 80 cats and smell like it? Let them know! What right do they have to walk around and think that they’re just like the rest of normal society? They need to be informed that they’re no good downers who can only get a date when the other person can’t see them!

Tell them about all the other people you’ve been talking to online. That’s right, baby. Last Wednesday when I said I couldn’t come online and talk, because I had a lot of work to do? Well really I was chatting online with a girl named Cindy who messaged me weeks after we started talking, and I replied anyways. Now we talk all the time and I would MUCH rather talk to her than you!

Read those as if someone were saying them to you. Kind of like fighting with your gloves off, don’t you think? When you’re arguing online, always take time to cool down before saying anything. It’s squeezing toothpaste out of the tube– easy to get out there, impossible to get back in. If you’re going to fight, then fight smart and fight fair. Low blows are for the weak, so stay strong, my friends.