How Not To Handle A Break Up


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A 42-year-old woman from The Hague has been charged with stalking her ex after he told the police she called him 65, 000 times in one year. Although it may sound like exaggeration, he wasn’t kidding– the girl he was dating called him 200 A DAY in hopes he would take her back. That’s about a call every five minutes!

You might not go to these extremes when you’re going through a break-up, but there’s a chance you’ve done one of these crucial break-up no-nos.

  • Rebound
    Although hooking up with the next semi-attractive person that comes along may sound like a good idea, you’re almost guaranteed to ¬† ¬†wind up regretting it. Whether you realize after the fact that it was a mistake, or you end up getting back with your ex and your temporary romp comes back to bite you in the butt, rebounds almost never work out.
  • Every time you want to call him, call him
    The hardest part of a break up is trying to get used to not having them there for you all the time. When you’re in the early stages of a break up, it’s natural to want to reach out to the other person and re-connect. But calling them can not only make you feel weak, but it can add confusion to the probably already sticky situation.
  • Get a haircut
    Remember that time in college when you broke up with your boyfriend and decided to cut 11 inches off of your naturally thick hair? And how bad you looked with that short hair cut? You don’t want to be newly single AND lacking confidence. Any drastic physical changes should only be made when you have a clear mind.
  • Go straight to being friends
    When you break up with a guy, it’s natural to wonder if you’re ever going to be able to be friends, but immediately after the break up isn’t the time to test those waters! The break up is still too fresh, especially if you have to watch him try to date new people. Give yourself some space after you’ve broken up!
  • E-Stalk him
    You need to get him off your mind, and spending every 5 minutes refreshing his Facebook page to see whose talking to him, who he’s talking to, where he is and what he’s doing. Following his every move online won’t get the two of you back other. That’s not even online dating, that’s just being creepy! You can’t break up without the break! Cut the ties and take him off your Facebook.

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