How Often Do You Want To Be Intimate?


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It’s a question that people wonder about the people they’re dating all the time. How often do they want to have sex? Them wanting it too much but getting it too little can be a source of many fights, but them wanting it scarcely and getting provoked it too often can have the same effect.

The question stands, but could the secret to how often someone wants sex lay with their location?

According to this chart, people in the central to north eastern US are less likely to want regular sex, while the west coast and Florida are more inclined to have sex once a day.

Although this chart is based on 25 year olds in the US, the numbers remain the same for a majority of the ages from 18-40.

How can this improve your love life? Believe it or not, it can be a great asset! Knowing what an average of what people want can help you target your online dating prospects, and help you mold the messages you send.

For example, if you’re in Ohio, you can see that it’s not likely the people you’re messaging are interested in daily sexual encounters. With that in mind you can concentrate your messages on other things: Dating ideas, their daily lives, common interests… Things they may be more comfortable with, and more inclined to respond to.

The average person has sex twice a week, but it’s easy to see that there are many places in the States that are an exception to this rule. Know your target so you can aim properly!

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