How The Shy Should Prepare For A Date


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Online dating is a great place for the shy to find dates. There’s no immediate confrontations where you have to think on your feet and use social skills, and you’re able to use your computer as a comfort blanket as you reach out to get to know others.

But as all online relationships eventually do, your courtship will eventually move into the real world, where you’ll have to meet and speak face to face. Instead of thinking about how nervous you are for your first encounter, think about these simple tips that will help you be relaxed and ready for your first date.

  • Spend extra time with your friends to perfect small talk.
    First dates are usually packed with small talk about mundane topics, so you’ll have to get comfortable with chit-chat before your date. Go out with your friends when they’re meeting with people who are just acquaintances with you. This way you’ll be used to small talk before your date, which will make you more relaxed during the big day.
  • Do your research!
    If you met your date online, chances are you’ve already talked about some of their likes and dislikes. Do a little research about their interests before you begin your date so you can engage in conversation they’re interested in. Did they express interested in a specific sports team? Find out about their past championships and current players so you can talk about something they care about.
  • Be confident.
    When you’re dating, ¬† ¬†there’s not a lot that’s as unattractive as a person who doesn’t have confidence. Now don’t get this confused, you can be the shiest person in the world and still have confidence! Don’t look to others for approval on your date. When the waiter asks what you want to eat, don’t be afraid to say it! You can be shy and assertive.

Showing your strong personality during dates is crucial to balancing your shy side. Preparing yourself in advance will allow you to be more relaxed and comfortable on your date. You may be shy, but you can still be a good date!

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