How To Be Every Man’s Dream Girl


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After looking at Beyonce’s leaked GQ photo shoot this morning, it hit me. I finally figured out how to be that girl that every man goes ga-ga goo-goo over, and it’s very simple. Just walk the walk and talk the talk just like Beyonce and you will have any man you want eating out of the palm of your hands-easy peasy.

Now, we’re all not blessed with all the ASSets that Beyonce posses, but that doesn’t matter. Sure, she might have the best hair, the best body, the best wardrobe, and hands down the best face, but it’s the way she carries herself that is the most attractive part of Beyonce and that is something we can all mimic.

To start off, I am going to talk about Beyonce’s physical characteristics, because that’s what men notice first. She always puts in effort. Whether she is going to get Blue some diapers at the store or at a red carpet event, her hair is tame, her clothes don’t look like rags, and most importantly, she posses confidence. She’s always strutting her stuff, and so should you! That’s attractive to men.


Beyonce is a lady in the street but freak in the sheets. She always acts like a lady when she is out with her man, out with her girls or out with her mom and sister. She likes to sip on champagne, but she doesn’t get blackout wasted and make a fool of herself and the people she’s with. Although Beyonce is very classy, she still has a hood side. You can just tell by the way she dances, by her lyrics and by her body language towards Jay, that she puts it down in the bedroom.


Even though Beyonce had Blue, she is still rocking one of the best bodies in the business, she is still down to party, and she makes sure her and Jay have date nights without Blue.


Beyonce will stand by her man through thick and thin and in turn, he does the same for her.


Beyonce doesn’t blast her business all over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. Some girls invest a little too much time on social networking and that can be a huge turn off.

Beyonce rarely wears pants. That’s all.