How To Befriend Your Partners Friends


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You’ve gone through the arduous process of online dating and finally met a girl you can see yourself with in the future. The next step involves making sure she sticks around. One of the easiest ways to go about this is by befriending her friends. Once they accept you as one of their own, the rest is a hop and a skip away.

1. Let Them Do Their Thing – There comes a time in every relationship where a girl ends up ditching her friends for her significant-other. If this happens enough times, she may not even have any friends left. In order to preserve your girls’ sanity – and yours – encourage her to go out with her girlfriends and enjoy herself every once-in-awhile. Suggesting specific activities will make you sound like a real catch.

2. Become Friends With Them – This is a given. Don’t just treat her friends as intruders in your love bubble. Make a point in getting to know them. Your girl, and her friends, will appreciate your efforts. It will also ensure that you also have a good time when going out with her posse.

3. Don’t Try Too Hard   – While making nice with your partners friends is a good idea, trying too hard may end up backfiring. You might come across as a little too friendly and borderline flirtatious. Never a good thing. Whatever you do, don’t ever call or text her friends. It’s been known to cause wars.

4. Merge Your Friends – What better way to start a great social dynamic than to introduce your friends to hers? You might even get a new couple out of the deal. Plus, this make it a lot easier to make plans on the weekends.

5. Don’t Be Shy – When introducing a guy (or girl) to your friends, there is nothing worse than having the person sit there in silence. This will make you seem awkward and antisocial and your partners friends will be less than impressed.

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