How To Digitally Handle A Break Up


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In a world where breaking up with someone is as easy as changing your Facebook status, how are we suppose to digitally handle our breakups? Back in the day you would only have to worry about running into an ex BF/GF when visiting your hometown during the holidays. Now we have to worry about seeing their new Facebook statuses, accidentally reading their Tweets and seeing their “fabulous” life via Instagram.

When you break up with someone, whether it was an online dating relationship or a long lasting real life one, how do you digitally handle it?

Changing Your Facebook Status:

If you’re going to change your status, make sure that you’re officially over. Don’t be that drama king or queen that everyone hates on Facebook that constantly changes their status back and fourth. You should change it once, and only when you’re absolutely positive that the two of you are over.

Should you save the digital photos of the two of you together?
Back in the day, pictures were usually kept in albums and frames that were tucked away in your closet. Having the pictures easily accessible on your computer is dangerous. It makes it too easy for you to be able to open one up and have emotions flood back. Download the pictures to a jump drive and put that somewhere not to be seen. If a day comes that you get back together or you simply want to see the pictures, you can dig them out, but you won’t have the temptation of seeing them every day.

Should you untag/delete the pictures of the two of you together online?
You should probably un-tag yourself so they don’t pop up on your Facebook on a day where you’re feeling down in the dumps. If you have albums of happy times of you two as a couple, you should also delete those albums. You don’t need to do this immediately after you break up. Make sure you are in a good state of mind before you do any deleting, because you don’t want to regret anything.

Should you unfriend them?
Definitely! Especially in the first few months after the break up. Having them on your Facebook gives you constant access to what they’re doing, who they’re with, and if they’re dating someone else. This will essentially just make it harder to move on, but it may cause as a temptation to ‘accidentally’ run into them at the location they said they’d be in their status. Having them off your friend list will give you time to clear your head and begin to heal from the break up.

What should you do about the drunk texts?
Imagine if there was no such thing as cell phones? You’d have to find a quarter, find a pay phone, find a phone book, find their phone number, then call. Today, all you have to do is be coherent enough to look in your pocket, find your iPhone and you’ve sent a text. If you get a drunk text from them saying they miss you or they wish you were still together, wait until the next morning to respond. That way they get a chance to sober up and really think about what they’re saying to you. A lot of people say that drunk words are sober thoughts, but they are in fact drunk words either way, and shouldn’t be paid too much attention to.

All in all guys, In a world with so much access, people are often too quick to declare their relationship dead. Think things through before you give the digital world the official death notice, and make sure all traces of the romance aren’t around to pull you in with temptation.