How To Ensure A Response From Women Online


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According to a scientific study, there is a response to an online dating message only about 32% of the time. This is not very often!

Before you hop online, you want to ensure that you’re going to hook up, that you’re going to get laid, and that you’re going to get a response from women so you can further pursue them.

When you’re on a site like, you are paying your hard earned money to hook up with chicks. And although it is often easy to find a girl on adult dating sites (,,, you still have to say the right things in order to ensure that you’re going to get laid.

SO, you’re browsing the profiles on XXXmatch and you stop in your tracks because this one woman really stands out. She is beautiful, you have many things and common and you think she would be the perfect match.


There are many logistics to sending messages that you must know before you shoot her a message.

The shorter the message the better:

Even though many studies say that a longer message will increase your chances of getting a response, the studies are WRONG! The rationale behind this is that although a longer message will have a greater percentage of getting a response, it takes a lot longer to write. Whereas if you send out shorter messages, you can send them to more women. Therefore your chances of getting a response from a pool of women is a lot higher. MY ADVICE: Short messages, about 200 characters, to about ten women.

In your message, the structure should go a little like this:

  1. Say hi and introduce yourself.
  2. Shoot them a compliment about their profile.
  3. Highlight a common interest and hobby.
  4. Ask them a question about herself.
  5. Close off with “Can’t wait to hear from you”

Make it short and sweet, and by following these steps, it wont look like you just copy and pasted a message and sent it to every girl on the site. But do send a message to as many women as you have time for, because when it comes to online dating successfully, it’s all a numbers game.

Set a goal for yourself. From my own personal experience I would say to send out about 5 emails a day. BUT DO NOT FORGET to make it interactive, because that’s the only way you’re going to get a response.

Then once you get that response, you’re that much closer to getting laid! Boo ya!