How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone


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friendzone3There is nothing worse then being in the “friends zone” with someone you are romantically and sexually attracted to.

When you are in this position the very thought of it encompasses all of your thoughts. When you are laying in bed trying to fall asleep, this is the only thing you can think of. When you’re at work you often find yourself staring off into the distance thinking about how much you would like to be something more with this special someone. It can be quite frustrating!

You can’t go on feeling like this, you need to do something about it! You need to get out of the “friend zone”!

So, if you really want to escape this horrible zone, follow these easy steps:

1: DO NOT be a “nice guy” or “sweet girl” because we all know, nice guys/girls finish last! You often find yourself putting your own wants and needs at bay so you can fulfill the all the needs and wants of this person. As time goes on, this person is constantly counting on you and somewhat taking advantage of you! If you don’t express your feelings if unconsciously shows that your feelings essentially don’t matter and that you possibly have low self esteem. And that’s not a good look.

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2: DO NOT be needy or clingy; there is nothing more unattractive. If you are clingy or needy, this person is going to think you’re desperate and let’s be honest, everybody loves a chase.

3. TAKE A LOOK at the relationship. Some people like to build a friendship before getting into a romantic relationship, so that might be why you’re in a friend zone. On another note, this person might feel like you’re only interested in being friends if you only act like a friend would. If you never show any small romantic gestures or ever give hints that you’re interested in something more, then how are they suppose to know you would want to take it to the next level?

4. This brings me to my next point; TOUCH THEM differently than the way you would touch a friend. But touching someone in a romantic way (not a perverted way!) sends the message that you find that you are confident, that you find them attractive, and that you would like them to be more than just a friend.

5. If you CAN’T GET OUT OF THE FRIEND ZONE and you still have these strong feelings for them, you might want to distance yourself.

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