How To Get Past The Computer


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Online dating is great for meeting people, but when two shy parties are involved, it’s often hard to get past the computer because neither of you are confident enough to make the first move.The purpose of online dating isn’t so you can spend your nights racing home to your home desk so you can chat with someone you’re interested, it’s so you can find people easily and set up dates together.

In order to move your relationship from the Internet to the real world, you’ll have to start slow. If you put any sort of pressure on the person you’ve been connecting with to meet up before they’re ready, you’re putting yourself at risk of being seen as a threat regardless of your intentions, and that can send your online friend packing.

Instead of pressuring them into meeting, talk about hobbies you have that they may like to be involved in. I once had an online fling with someone who raced remote control boats in Central Park. Hearing the stories about how many people go to do it made me want to join, and before I knew it, I was the one suggesting I tag along. Putting ideas in their heads about things the two of you can do together will make them see what real-world dating can offer them that internet dating can’t.

If you’ve dropped hints and they haven’t picked up on them, then it’s time to suggest dating face-to-face without pressuring them into it. Instead of asking them to a movie or to your place for dinner, bring up a very public location, and ask if they’d be interested in meeting you there. For example, if there is an amusement park by your house, mention that you hadn’t been there in a while, and ask if they’d like to join you one day. It’s an open area with a lot of people, so any reservations they may have had in meeting a stranger will be dismal.

It’s an important step going from online to real life because a relationship can’t develop solely through the internet. Physical interaction and personal connections can only be made when around someone, so suggesting a date is very important. As long as they are comfortable with the way you ask, chances are high they will agree to meeting you. And if they do, make it a memorable time! First impressions on the internet don’t count, so this is your chance to really impress.

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