How To Get Rid Of A Bad Blind Date


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I have been on my fair share of blind dates, let me tell you. Sometimes they are fun and go great! Sometimes they are completely dreadful.

With the launch of the mobile dating app “Crazy Blind Date” by, many singles will be turning to the app to schedule fast and easy blind dates in hopes of meeting that special someone!

But, let’s be honest, odds are in your favor that you’re going to have to deal with a bad blind date at some point on this journey, so you need to know how to get rid of a bad blind date.

Try any or all of these tips in order to quickly get rid of your bad blind date and use them as a preventative measure so that he/she doesn’t ask you out for a second date.

1. When ordering food/drink from the server be rude, ask a lot of questions and be really picky.

2. When you receive your food/drink complain that there is something wrong with it and say you don’t want it.

3. When having conversation, ask him/her how many kids they want.

4. Ask them if they are ready for marriage.

5. Burp at the table after taking a sip of your drink.

6. Send a text message and LOL uncontrollably to cause a scene.

7. Once you get your food, only eat a few bites of it and tell him/her it’s because you have an eating disorder.

If you don’t really have the balls to do any of these things, there is one more thing you can try:

8. Rack up the bar bill and get blackout drunk. It will be like the date never even happened and they definitely wont call you for a second date after that.

Now, if you don’t have the balls to do that either, you can always take the classy way out by listening to these professional testimonials from

End it, but have the courage to be kind and honest. He may not think it’s a bust, so let him down gently. But don’t lie or fake an emergency text message. If you’re sharp enough to sense a flop, you’re smart enough to find ways to say you don’t feel right about the evening.
”” Rushworth M. Kidder, founder of the Institute for Global Ethics

Why prolong the agony? Be cordial, and ease on down the road as quickly as you can without causing a scene. But first determine whether your date is creepy or only clumsy. Creepy always calls for an exit, but clumsy may be a sign of limited dating experience or introversion.
”” Rudy Rasmus, pastor of St. John’s United Methodist Church in Houston

If he’s a nice guy but the sparks aren’t there, stay put. Who knows? You may end up becoming friends, or he may be the perfect guy for someone else you know.
”” Lisa Caputo, chairman and CEO, Citi’s Women & Co.

I second that. The right conduct is not to cut and run. The Golden Rule applies: Stick it out, and do your best to make sure your companion has as good a time as possible. Maybe your first impression was wrong. If you leave early, you’ll never know if you missed a life-changing surprise.
”” Jack Marshall, president, ProEthics

I once cut a blind date short with mumbled excuses. By chance, I ran into him again at a party when we were both more relaxed. As Jack says, a life-changing surprise. Six months later, we were married.
”” Jancee Dunn