How To Girl-Proof Your Pad


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If you’ve been single for awhile and find yourself scheduling a date back at your place, it is time to girl-proof your apartment. Failure to do so might result in breakups, lack of sex, and general ill-feelings. All unfavorable situations. With that in mind, we have compiled a quick list of tasks every man must go through before bringing a lady friend over.

1. Comfort Over Luxury – When it comes to their homes, men tend to value expensive items over comfort. If your apartment is too cold and empty, she might think you are not domesticated enough. And God knows that no woman will commit to a man who still lives in a glorified bachelor pad. A few rugs, a throw and a couple of plants will be enough to make her feel right at home.

2. Look Literate – If the only reading material in your home consists of Men’s Health magazines, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Even if you have to cheat and go out to the library for a few temporary fixes, scattering a few books around the house will make you seem literate, even if you’re not.

3. Tidy Up – If you’re a dude, chances are you haven’t cleaned or dusted your apartment for quite some time. And while most women won’t expect to walk into a picture-perfect scenario, witnessing a huge layer of dust everywhere could be a huge turnoff. Take some time to do a quick clean-up. For your sake and hers.

4. Traces Of College – If you still can’t let go of your free Maxim posters and beer cups from your university days – now is the time. You don’t want to come across as an immature man/boy who is still stuck in his scholarly days. Man up brother.

5. Signs Of Girlfriends Past – If for some reason you’ve been keeping your past fling’s panties on a chandelier – a la Hugh Hefner – or old love letters from your high school sweetheart, throw it all in a box and hide the evidence. Even something as harmless as a hair band will be enough to make her wonder who else is paying you a visit.