How To Keep Your Partner From Straying


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None of us should have to do or act in a certain way in order to keep our partners from straying, but lets be honest, a little preventative measure has never hurt anybody!

keep your partner from straying

I personally feel that you should just be yourself in a relationship and not have to “out due yourself” in order to make your partner happy. But sometimes you just gotta put in a little effort to make things run a little smoother! It’s the least we can do for the one we love 😉

So, try these 5 tips in order to keep your partner from straying:

Give him/her some good lovin’: If your partner is getting booty on a regular basis at home (and I’m talking about that good booty) then they’re not going to have to look for it somewhere else.

Get to know his/her friends: If his friends know about you and know that you’re their special someone in their life, then they’re going to keep your partner in check when they’re out for a night on the town. Also, when you have more people involved in your relationship, it makes it harder for the person to cheat because it ends up affecting more people then just the couple.

Let him/her know the consequences of straying: Don’t be like, “If you cheat on me I will chop your balls off and burn down your house,” because that’s just scary and crazy. But, you can say something along the lines of, “I would find it difficult repairing a relationship when one person has cheated on the other.” Mind you, only bring this up if you’re having a conversation about cheating. Don’t say it out of the blue!

Try a different approach Kim, come on now.

Try a different approach Kim, come on now.

Let him/her know she’s special: A little ego boost can go a long way. Remind him or her how important they are to you, and that way they will feel wanted and appreciated, and less likely to stray.

Take an interest in his/her life: I’m not saying be clingy, nosy, or overbearing, but showing an interested in your partners life when they’re not with you shows that you care…and that you want to make sure they’re not fooling around 😉


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