How To Meet Dominant Women


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Let’s be honest, it can be hard to be a submissive man in the BDSM world! Those dudes that are looking for sex play in a submissive role are often not given the respect they deserve and it’s often hard to find a partner to interact with because the majority of women are submissive too. A lot of the times when sub men go to play parties, dungeons and similar environments the women are also subs, so it’s a waste of their time and more importantly, it’s really disappointing! Fortunately, men can meet a number of wonderful dominant women or even “switch” women (both dominant and submissive) online through adult dating sites that focus on hooking up it’s members with BDSM play and group sex.

There are many opportunities to enjoy the company of dominant women or dommes through these sites. Try a site like or Guys can then use the dating site search function to find women with interests similar to theirs. There are many words one can search for including domme, femdom, and so on. It’s important to remember that women sometimes receive dozens of messages a week on online dating sites and therefore it pays to approach with respect and intellect. Do not presume that you will be allowed to serve her. You should instead always approach as a supplicant, someone who desires to serve and hopes that the strong woman they wish to kneel before will grant permission for them to do so.

No one likes men who are too pushy! It is a bad idea to send lengthy and detailed fantasies or form letters which detail every aspect of  your life or secret desires in the very first message. On the other hand it is extremely important to know what you want when approaching a woman on a site like this. Before hand it can help to fill out a kink checklist which can always be found somewhere on the Internet. These are lists of detailed fetishes, usually in alphabetical order,  which can be filled out indicating one’s experience with each one and the pleasure they gave or the desire one has to engage in each one.

Go get em’ guys!