How To Tell If He’s A Man Or A Boy


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If you’re a girl who is braving the dating world in hopes of finding an adequate plus one, chances are you analyze every little aspect when going out on a date. His clothes, his job, what car he drives, and the list goes on. However, going to your dates house can often be one of the best indicators of whether or not they’re a man, or if they are still living under their mommy’s wings. Below, I have highlighted a few things to watch out for when trying to determine how much of a man your date truly is. Sure, they might sound like minor details, but they can certainly speak a lot louder than words.

Towels ”“ If your date actually has more than one towel, give him a bonus point. Most men who still need some maturing tend to use the same raggedy towel time and time again. Not only is it a lack of hygiene but it shows that if they can’t even be bothered to a buy a new set of towels, they are certainly not ready for a committed, mature relationship.

Q-Tips ”“ Yes, Q-Tips are used for cleaning one’s ears. But as disgusting as this may sound, too many men can’t even be bothered to purchase them. Often resorting to rolled up pieces of toilet paper (or whatever else they can find) ”“ yuck. If a man takes the time to buy toiletries while out shopping, you’ll know he’s mature. As ridiculous as it may sound.

Alcohol ”“ If your date is capable of maintaining a fridge that is stocked with beers and a bar that actually has full bottle of liquor, congratulations, you have found a man. Alternately, if all he has are cases upon cases of empty bottles and then desperately tries to find some leftover liquor, you’ll know he’s still behaving like a frat boy.

A Bed ”“ It may sound silly but a man who actually owns a bed is headed in the right direction. For those who have been parading around the dating scene for a little too long, you’ll know that some men have been sleeping on a mattress for years. A bed is a step up.

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