Think Positive And Succeed In The Dating Scene


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Who says insecurity is only for the gentler sex? Much like women, men are often full of doubts as to how their counterparts perceive them or if they are even datable to begin with. Many feel as though women judge them way too easily and that no matter what they do, they can never win. And so, they find themselves single for months, maybe years to come.

So what’s a man to do when full of insecurities? Read on for a breakdown.

1. Put Yourself In Their Shoes – When second-guessing your ‘date-ability’, the best way to go about it is by putting yourself in your date’s shoes. As strange as this may sound, think about what it would feel like to date yourself. People often look for a partner who is reliable and has a good head on their shoulders. If that’s not the case, work on getting your act together before heading out into the dating scene.

2. Be Optimistic About Finding A Match – People can often give up on dating altogether. Deeming themselves to be undatable or incapable of entering the dreaded dating scene. By giving up without even trying, you are only setting yourself up for failure. So regardless of how many bad experiences you’ve had in the past, know that there is hope. Don’t give up and you’ll eventually find someone who is right up your alley.

3. Accept Failed Attempts – Know that despite your best intentions, not every date will go your way. More often that not, something as simple as an opposing view on politics could be enough to ruin any chances of a potential relationship. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The important part is to keep trying.

4. Be A Man Of Mystery – We can often look at a first-date as something of a job interview. When that happens, you might be tempted to share every single aspect of your life straight off the bat. But before getting too carried away, learn to keep a slight sense of mystery by not spilling your guts too early on in the game. It will keep your date coming back for more.

5. Find The Perfect Balance – When engaging in conversation, the key is to find a balance between talking and listening. Do too much of one thing and you’ll kill the mood straight away. The most crucial aspect of a good first-date is to simply to have fun and be yourself.

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