How To Use Dating Sites For Finding Friends


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When people think about free dating sites, it’s instinct to think about using those websites to find a dating partner. But out of the people who meet on online dating sites, almost 30% of them are looking to simply make friends and meet new people in their own neighborhoods.

When you’re using a dating site, how do you find the people who are just looking for friends?

Change your settings
Most dating websites have an option to state what you’re looking for. Things like ‘Men seeking women’, ‘Women seeking men’, ‘Men seeking men’ and ‘Men seeking women’ are among the most common, but they’re not the only options! There are often choices like ‘Looking for friends’ and ‘Not looking for anything serious’ that will let people know that you’re just looking for a pal. People go on sites specifically looking for people who have that as their ‘Interested in’ option, so make sure you take advantage of it!

Choose your profile picture carefully
You don’t want your picture to be suggestive if you’re just looking for a friend. Cut back on the cleavage and ¬† ¬†skin shots, and stick to pictures that let your personality shine!

Be clear in your ‘about me’ section
For websites that don’t have a clear ‘Interested in’ section, you can write that you’re just looking for something platonic in your about me section!

If you’re new to the area, make it known
When people are new to town, they want to meet as many people as possible to create a new network of friends. When you let others know you’re new to town, it gives them the cue that you’re genuine in wanting to meet platonic friends to show them around.

If you’re looking to simply add a few new people to your list of friends, dating sites are the perfect place to start!

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